Distribution to SGX listed unitholders

On 18 September 2007 the Directors of MacarthurCook Fund Management Limited, the Responsible Entity for the MacarthurCook Property Securities Fund, announced the
distribution for the quarter ended 30 September 2007 of 2.625 Australian cents per unit.

For Unitholders on the Singapore register, this gross distribution amount is subject to Australian withholding tax of 30% on the forecast taxable distribution component. This component is estimated to be 40% of the total distribution. Accordingly, 0.315 Australian cents per unit will be withheld from the distribution and remitted to the Australian Taxation Office.

The net distribution to SGX listed unitholders of 2.31 Australian cents per unit will now be paid on 30 October 2007 at an exchange rate of 1.3144 SGD per AUD.

Source : SGX

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