SMRT to add 119 train trips on two lines

SMRT will be adding 119 train trips each week on the North-South (NS) and East-West (EW) lines to shorten waiting times during non-peak hours on weekdays and Sundays.

It will also be extending the peak hour time period on the Changi Airport extension. The changes will kick in from Aug 15.

‘We noticed that there are more customers using our trains during non-peak hours and on late Sunday afternoons,’ said SMRT vice-president of rail operations Lui Wai Meng in a press release yesterday. ‘We’ve also seen an increase in demand on the EW line and Changi Airport extension during morning peak hours.’

With the changes, waiting times during non-peak hours will drop to around 4-6.5 minutes, from seven minutes.

Commuters who stand to benefit on weekdays are those using the NS line in the early morning, those on the EW Line heading towards the city in the late morning, and those travelling from the city towards residential estates in the north and east of Singapore after 8pm.

Peak hour service on the Changi Airport extension will be extended by 30 minutes – trains will come at a frequency of nine minutes from 8-9am on weekdays and weekends. On Sundays, eastbound passengers will experience a shorter waiting time of around four minutes, from 4.45-6.45pm.

This is the third round of train service enhancement that SMRT has introduced this year. Including this latest change, SMRT would have added more than 1,710 train trips weekly since 2008.

SMRT gained one cent on the stock market yesterday to close at $1.825.

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