SMRT revises taxi fares from Dec 20

SMRT is revising its taxi fares with effect from Dec 20 in a bid to help its taxi drivers mitigate rising operating costs and inflation. This comes hot on the heels of a similar fare revision by ComfortDelgro.

The flag-down rate for standard taxis will be raised by 20 cents, while distance-based charges for the same taxi category will increase by between $0.02 and $0.03 per kilometre, on average.

Booking fees for standard taxis will be reduced by 20 cents, and all location surcharges will remain the same. The flag-down fare, and both normal and advance bookings for SMRT’s Chrysler luxury taxis remain unchanged.

SMRT said that it has to keep pace with the fare revision by other taxi operators so that its 4,000-plus drivers ‘will not feel deprived of a better income opportunity’.

‘Our drivers need a more substantial level of income, not just lower costs or rental rates, in order to cope with the increasing cost of living and higher diesel prices, and continue their businesses,’ SMRT added.

It stressed that rental rates for its taxis are not excessive and its financial records have shown a weak or non-profitable performance in the taxi business.

ComfortDelGro’s new taxi fare structure kicked in yesterday.

Among the changes, the flagdown fares for ComfortDelgro taxis have been raised by 20 cents for most taxis, and by 70 cents for limousines. Meter fares have also gone up by two cents per fare band, over a slightly longer distance. Peak period is lengthened in the morning from 6am to 9.30am, compared to the previous period of 7am to 9.30am.

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