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High-yield TOP pick

High-yield TOP pick: In our 13 Mar 2012 report titled “The Yield Hunt”, we named MIIF our top high-yield pick with a 9.6% dividend yield, ahead of three other stocks with a history of increasing dividends. We think investing in high-dividend-yield stocks is a way to protect and to grow wealth, particularly in an inflationary and uncertain environment.

Fund out, funds in: Over the last months, we saw MIIF’s once-largest shareholder Abu Dhabi Investment Authority (ADIA) reduce its stake from 10% to 6% today. We think it is possible that it is looking to exit from this investment entirely, thus putting a near-term cap on MIIF’s share price.

For every seller there is a buyer, and we note that a couple of funds have bought up MIIF in force. These are Asset Value Investors (7.5%) and Long Investment Management Int’l (6.2%); both are value-focused. While we can only speculate on ADIA’s reasons for selling, the strong buying by two separate value-funds is indicative of their private valuations being sufficiently in excess of the market price.

Another way to value MIIF is to note that management has already valued the three assets using the latest information, a lot of which is private and superior to publicly available data, resulting in an NAV of $0.8123 per share.

From this figure we would subtract the present value of all future expenses, totalling $125m (we have conservatively estimated this figure on the high side), equivalent to $0.1057, for a FV of $0.707, not too different from our DCF FV of $0.691.

Price supports; dividend yield promotes outperformance. MIIF’s share buybacks are backed by S$110m in cash and a dividend yield in excess of 9%. We note that its share price tracks the market fairly closely (up until the recent outperformance), and the very high yield should ensure outperformance relative to the market each year.

Focus on underlying value especially from a portfolio perspective: In our eyes, MIIF is a strong dividend play (9.6%) with significant capital gains potential (20%) for a total upside close to 30%. This combination is rather difficult to find elsewhere. The dividend is also likely to increase with asset growth—we forecast the next dividend growth in 2014F. We reiterate our Buy call with an unchanged FV of $0.690.

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